7 Tips To Achieve Your Goals in 2024 (and in LIFE)

Give your self the BOOST you need with these simple tricks

Michiel Schuer


For the past 2 MONTHS, I’ve been lazy.

I went on a long holiday in November, to Vietnam, and I wasn’t able to write there — because Vietnam BLOCKS Medium.com (socialism and such).

I was stressed out.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

“Oh no, I must write because I need to hit my own personal weekly publishing goals!”

When I got back I published a few more articles, but barely anything.

I went from publishing 3 articles a week to barely 1 article a week.

Why is that?

  • My flow / routine was broken
  • I couldn’t find the motivation to start again.
  • I got distracted with other things like video games etc.
  • Relationship trouble as well

You know, the fact that I’m writing this article means that I’ve already gotten back into it (or that I’m close) — so how did I do it?

How do I FIX my mindset?

A while ago, I created a “Millionaire Routine Habit Tracker notebook”:



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