Boost Your Etsy Sales and Earnings with These 14 Proven Success Tips (Part 2)

Use these tips to increase your sales & maximize your profits

Michiel Schuer
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7. Convert bad review into good reviews

Yes, it happens. Sometimes you can get bad reviews.

In case this happens, you can send a message to the user, asking if there is anything you can do to help.

For example, you can offer an upgrade to a higher quality product, and ask if they would consider updating their review.

Never ever ignore the review, always try to resolve the issue with the customer. If you can’t solve it, offer a refund. A good review is worth more than losing a bit of money of refunding the customer.

Simply said: do anything in your power to to turn a negative review into a positive experience for the customer.

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8. Follow up with a coupon

Message your customers. Ask if they received the product and if they are satisfied or have any questions.

Following up with your customers can help you build stronger relationships with them and potentially lead to repeat business in the future.

Note: for example can help you with automated follow-up messages, also for asking reviews.

Here is a screenshot from Alura: screenshot

Quite useful, I definitely recommend checking it out (P.S. also has free and paid version).

7. Run ads on what is already selling well

Running ads on your best-selling products can help you reach new customers and generate more sales.

8. Duplicate design styles that…



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