Print On Demand: How To Optimize Your Designs for More Sales

Michiel Schuer
4 min readFeb 1

What’s the point in creating designs, if they don’t sell?

You can make hundreds of designs, but if you’re doing it the wrong way — then what’s the point?

As a Print on Demand seller, I have made mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes. In this article I’ll share some of them with you, to prevent you from making the same ones.

Some designs simply sell better than others.. but why?

Mistake #1: Small text, wrong products

Our overall goal is to make our buyers’ eye to immediately fall on our designs. If the text is not clearly readable, then they are less likely to click on it.

The design below looks alright, and it will sell, but it should be printed on a poster, not on a sweatshirt.

Mistake #2: Asymmetric designs

Asymmetric designs need to be pulled off really well, otherwise it just doesn't work.

In the example below, it would be better if the skeleton would take the place of the smiley, so the design itself would look “rectangular”.

Mistake #3: High quality graphics

Whenever you’re designing something, make sure the prints look high quality.

Just look at the cat image below, the borders are “greyish”, it just doesn't look like it’s high quality.

How to OPTIMIZE your POD designs

Now that we know how NOT to do it, here are the CORRECT ways to create your designs for more sales:

1. Clearly readable text

A buyer should be able to read the text from the mockup, and get an immediate, full impression of the design.

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