Print on Demand Sellers — Did you see this AI Image Generator Yet?!

Create stunning designs and apply them to your merch in minutes

Michiel Schuer


Last week I published an article about the insanely good tool “MyDesigns”.

You can read it here.

However, as an ever-curious guy, I always keep searching the internet for tools and ways that could make my life even easier (and better).

Because, as you know — Print on Demand is all about being unique. It’s about creating unique, cool designs that people will love.

During my search, I discovered the following tool:

Printify’s AI Image Generator

Screenshot from AI generator in

Introducing Printify’s AI Image Generator

As you may or may not know, Printify is a Print on Demand production partner.

You can link them to you Etsy store, to your Shopify store, Walmart and way more:

Screenshot from portal

Hmm… now that I see this — I didn’t even know a “TikTok” store existed? Very interesting, I’ll be looking into that later.

Now, I haven’t used Printify much in the past, I mostly used Awkward Styles as a production partner because of their cheap prices and ease-of use.

However, all these platforms are constantly changing and improving so it’s definitely worth checking out all of them!

Anyway, let’s dive into the point of this article.

With Printify’s new AI tool, you can create stunning images and apply them to your merch in minutes.

Creating a new product

If you create a new product (I chose the Bella Canvas 3001), you’ll see the following screen:



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