This New AI Image Generator is INSANE (Create Images with Text)!

This is what I (Print On Demand Seller) have been waiting for!

Michiel Schuer


As Print on Demand sellers, I suppose you’ve all heard about (and used), right?

Just in case you’ve never head about it — Here’s a small recap for you.

What is

Well, just go to their website: and check it out.

Simply said, it’s an online platform for creators (like Print on Demand sellers), with a wide range of tools and features to help both beginners & experienced designers.

I think it’s best I show you.

Let’s say I want to create a design, but I have NO IDEA what I want to create.

I go to the “Kittl Templates” and start scrolling. They have a HUGE collection of templates that you use, edit AND SELL as print on demand products! template menu screenshot

I’ll choose T-Shirts.

Awesome. Next you can select a category (or just start scrolling ALL categories):

In this screenshot, I selected “Funny’ as a category

Select an image, which you can now completely edit freely to your liking.

Edit colors, text, fonts, backgrounds…

Screenshot of an Template

Do you understand how this platform can be very interesting for us Print on Demand creators?

Be aware that the above example is JUST ONE of the crazy cool tools that are available in Kittl.

But the goal of this article, is to dive deeper into their AI features.

The Power of AI, in Kittl

Some of you might have already experimented with AI image creators like MidJourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion or others.

In fact, many graphic design tools have AI generators these days.



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