Etsy Beginner Guide, Part 4: Creating Awesome Mockups

Your mockups decide whether or not a customer will click your design.

Michiel Schuer
6 min readFeb 8


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In the previous lesson, you learned how to create winning designs, however you shouldn’t just start uploading them. I mean — you can, but it’s not recommended if you want to optimize your shop for as much sales as possible.

Instead, you should create AWESOME mockups (thumbnails) that will be clicked by your customers.

Notice the difference between these mockups below. Which one would you click?

Which thumbnail would you click?

The left one stimulates a feeling of coziness and love, the right one is just a t-shirt.

People are emotional beings, we are MORE LIKELY to click on the left thumbnail, compared to the right one.

3 important prerequisites / key points

1. Mockups must resemble the actual product

Make sure that the product (in this case a T-shirt) you’re actually going to sell, resembles the mockup image.

So when creating your mockup, compare it to your actual product images in Printful, Printify or Awkward Styles.

2. Identical placement of image/text

Image/text of the mockup must be in the same place as the actual product. Sometimes automatic mockups place the image in the middle of the shirt, while you might print it on the top.

Align designs to the top

3. Your mockup must be…



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