Etsy Beginner Tutorial — Print on Demand — Part 2 — RESEARCH!

Don’t just randomly start creating & uploading stuff… or you might LOSE MONEY!

Michiel Schuer
8 min readJan 20



Before going on, please read Part 1 of this series first: Getting Started with Etsy, Print on Demand: Part 1 — Production Partners

This article is part of a series:

….Alright, I suppose you’ve read it by now. After deciding on a production partner, and opening an Etsy shop via this link (to get 40 free listings), the next question we need to ask ourselves is:

“What the hell am I actually going to sell on Etsy?”

Well, I know it’s going to be Print on Demand, meaning posters, canvases, t-shirts and sweatshirts. BUT… will the designs that I currently already have, sell well on Etsy?

I mean… if it’s gonna cost me $0.20 PER DESIGN to publish… and again $0,20 every 4 months... Should I really publish my designs?

Are my designs good enough?

For this reason, it’s extremely important to do RESEARCH first!

  • What shall we sell?
  • In which niche?
  • Which designs should I make?

How do I pick my niche?

My recommendation: You don’t.

We will sell different versions of products that are already selling. Know WHAT customers search, and SELL THEM what they’re actually looking for.

Just because YOU, as a creator, loves a product, that doesn’t mean other people will like or buy it — and we’re in this game to make money, no?



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